The river Cher


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The Cher


In the late nineteenth century river traffic on the Cher achieved its peak with nearly a thousand vessels transporting the wines of the Cher to the Haute-Loire and bringing back salt from Nantes or or slate from Angers. After World War II river activity sadly declined in favour of road and rail.


In 1954 the Cher was removed from the navigable waterways maps of France. Now, many years later, river tourism is at last bringing boats of many sorts back to the river Cher.


La rivière Cher à l'aube vue du Cher en 1er plan et de la collégiale en second plan  vue du Cher vue aérienne du Cher et de la ville de Saint-Aignan vue aérienne du pont de Saint-Aignan traversant le Cher   vue aérienne du Cher à Seigy