Fondation du doute / contemporary art


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Fondation du doute - contemporary art


Découvrez la vidéo de la Fondation du doute - Blois - vallée de la Loire


A unique place which is as far from a traditional museum as the Fluxus movement is from academic art. 50 artists and 300 works, spread across 2 exhibition rooms, invite the visitor to engage critically.


Opening period

From February 8 to April  and November 8 to December 22: Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 2pm-6:30pm

 From April 10th to June 30 and September 3th to November 3th: Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-6:30pm

 From July 2nd to September 1st: Tuesday to Sunday: 2pm-630pm

Open on these following holidays: May1st, May 8th, Ascension, July 14, August 15 and November 1



Adult: € 7.50

Child 6-17 years: € 3.50


14 rue de la Paix
41000 BLOIS
Tél : 02 54 55 37 40
Site internet

La fondation du doute- Blois - Vallée de la Loire  Le mur de mots - La fondation du doute- Blois - Vallée de la Loire


Fondation du doute - Blois  Fondation du doute - Blois -George Maciunas  

Fondation du doute - Blois - Nam June Paik Fondation du doute - Blois - Salle Ben Fondation du doute - Blois - Wolf Vostell Fondation du doute - Blois - Cafe Fluxus