Mushrooms cave | Underground City


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Cave Champignonnière | Underground City


Bourré is a small troglodytic village with gigantic quarries.

Hundreds of kilometers were dug underground by hand in the IXth century, well before the construction of the châteaux which were built with the local stone (freestone)


The visit takes you to the fascinating universe of "des jardiniers de la nuits (night gardeners)" 50m underground, for a discovery of the culture of different gastronomic mushrooms.


Also to be seen, the freestone village and the underground city: close to 1500m² of frescoes sculpted in one block bearing witness to the spirit of the villages of the XIXth century, a testimony for future generations.



Visit duo every day:

from mid-March to the end of September: 10am / 11am / 14pm / 15am / 4pm and 5pm.

October 1 to mid‑November:10am / 3pm.

School vacation (All Saints, Christmas and February):

11am / 3pm / 4pm



full price: €12

7-14 years old:€7.50



40 route des Roches 
41400 Bourré
Tel: +33 (0)2 54 32 95 33