The Zoological Park of Beauval


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The Zoological Park of Beauval


Presenting the largest animal diversity within France with 8000 animals, the Zoological Park of Beauval has become in 35 years the n°1 zoo in France*, the most visited site of Région Centre and a recognized and rewarded enterprise on national and international plans.


In 2016, the Zoological Park extends another time and unveils a unique facility in the world, regarding its conception and size: a wide enclosure for hippopotamuses species presented for the first time in Beauval. Living a half aquatic life, the hippopotamuses have at their disposal a pool surrounded by beaches, a river and a waterfall. A lagoon, with aquatic plants and fishes finishes this exceptional complex.



In line with this park, a terrestrial area welcomes a group of Potamochoeruses, wild African pigs, used to aquatic milieu, as well as a family of nyalas, graceful antelopes with a zebra-stripped fur.


Without forgetting, presented at the heart of sumptuous facilities, extraordinary animals, including some unique in France: koalas, arboreal kangaroos... and of course the famous giant pandas, authentic symbols of endangered species, settled within a fabulous Chinese scenery. Unavoidable! As well as our 2 shows: the “Odysée des Lions de Mer” where the agile and playful sea lions compete for dexterity and balance and the “Maître des Airs” where more than 200 birds evolve above the audience gathered in a 3000 seats amphitheater!


*Traveler's Choice Attractions Awards 2014 – Trip Advisor

** The Zoological Park of Beauval is classified among the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world by Forbes Traveler.




Only 600m away from the Zoological Park of Beauval, the new hotel *** Les Pagodes de Beauval offer 128 rooms, a restaurant, as well as an outdoor lagoon swimming pool and some furniture and decoration elements authentically chinese. With the hotel Les Jardins de Beauval and the apartments hotel Les Hameaux de Beauval, this complex offers now a total capacity of 240 rooms and 16 apartments, as well as some large areas dedicated to business tourism, the ensemble guaranteeing a total change of scene.


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Ranked among the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world * and are among the top tourist destinations nationwide, the ZooParc Beauval has more than 4600 animals the greatest richness and diversity of animal France.
In 2013, a tropical greenhouse birds fully refurbished opens in a lush plant decoration: an enchanting world inhabited by a thousand and one colored plumage birds ... A new extension of the plain extends Asian travel visitors to explore the wildlife of the five continents. Beauval is also an exceptional encounter with Rungwe first elephant born of artificial insemination in France, real hope for the survival of a flagship species: the African elephant.
And always, at the heart of luxurious facilities, extraordinary animals, most unique in France: koalas, tree kangaroos, Okapi, manatees, tigers and white lions ... without forgetting the famous giant pandas, true symbols of the protection of endangered species, installed in a fabulous Chinese decor. Hot!
500 m from ZooParc, Les Jardins de Beauval welcomes visitors in a warm, inspired Indonesian to stay ensuring comfort and scenery.
The ZooParc Beauval and the Jardins de Beauval is open every day of the year and are accessible to persons with reduced mobility (label "Tourism and Disability").
* Forbes Traveler



 The Zoological Park of Beauval and the hotels “Jardins de Beauval” and "Pagodes de Beauval" are open every day and are accessible for persons with reduced mobility.* 


ZooParc de Beauval - 41110 Saint-Aignan sur Cher
Tel: +33 (0)2 54 75 50 00


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