Château de Chenonceau


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Château de Chenonceau

Masterpiece of the Renaissance, the Chateau de Chenonceau is directly inspired by the Ponte Vecchio and symbolizes the idea of perfect harmony between water, air and greenery with a world-renowned architecture.


A royal residence, it is exceptional because of its remarkable destiny: it was constructed, cared for, managed and protected by well-known women.

Currently, its collections are among the most interesting of the region: paintings, tapestries and furniture.



all year round.



Adult (leaflet included): €14-€18

7 to 18 years old and students: €11- €14.50


Chateau de Chenonceau

02 47 23 90 07
Website of Chenonceau


Chenonceau of the river Cher  night in the garden of the castle of Chenonceau  view of the "jardins à la française" of the Chenonceau Castle


labyritnthe the castle of Chenonceau  Catherine de Médicis' garden of the Chateau of Chenonceau  the Chateau of Chenonceau