Château de Montpoupon


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New in 2018

The 20's at Château de Montpoupon; An unprecedented staging of the rooms of the castle you discover the art of living, fashion and recreation of the 20s.

-Visible exhibition from April to September-

Château de Montpoupon and hunting museum


Vidéo du château de Montpoupon - Touraine



This furnished château draws you into the private family life of the owners with a free visit with sound, and for families, a new investigation to resolve.

Stables and outhouses bring together numerous artistic and familial collections based on a horse and hunting theme.

Take a recreational forest stroll in the château's park.

Numerous activities and entertainment in the high season.



February 10 to November 25. Weekends in February, March and November; every day from March 31st to November 4th

- From February 10th to March 11th and on the weekends of March: 10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm

- From March 31st to September 30th: daily: 10 am-7pm

- From October 1st to November 4th: every day: 10 am-6pm

- From 10 November to 25 November: weekends: 10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm




adult: €9.50

65 + years old: €8.50

students: €7.50

6-14 years old: €5

2 adults + 2 children: €26



37460 Céré-la-Ronde
Tel: +33 (0)2 47 94 21 15


visite virtuelle du château de Montpoupon - Touraine


Vue aérienne du Château de Montpoupon à Céré-la-Ronde Vue du château de Montpoupon à Céré-la-Ronde Château de Montpoupon et son équipage : cavaliers et chiens de meute

Château de Montpoupon abrite une des plus belles cuisines de la région Château de Montpoupon : la chambre du roi logo qualité tourisme