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Saint-Aignan is located in the south of the region of Loir-et-Cher (41), 25 mi south of Blois and 37mi east of Tours. 
2H30 driving from Paris, the region of Saint-Aignan is easy to reach by road, train or plane.
GPS coordinates of the tourism office of Saint-Aignan 
60 rue Constant Ragot – 41110 Saint-Aignan
Lat : 47.2689592 - Long : 1.3735673
Small tip: the zoological park of Beauval is not located in the town of Saint-Aignan but in a hamlet called Beauval.
By motorway:
A10 « L’Aquitaine » -way out 17 - Paris-Bordeaux, via Orléans, Tours and Poitiers with a way out in Blois.
A85 : way out 12 -  Tours-Vierzon, junction between atlantic coast and east  France. 
By regular road : 
D976 -Axis Tours-Vierzon-Bourges
D 675 : Blois – Châtillon-sur-Indre
By train : 
Train Blois - Paris (Paris Austerlitz Train Station) : 1h30 (commute then by coach “TLC” line 5 to Saint-Aignan)
TGV Atlantique St Pierre-des-Corps  - Paris (Montparnasse Train station) : 50 min (and then low speed regional train to the train station of Saint-Aignan / Noyers) 50 min
By coach :
“Transports du Loir-et-Cher” (TLC) line 5 : Blois – Saint-Aignan
By cab : 
Access the list of retailers and craftsmen and find out the contact details of the Val de Cher Saint Aignan taxis, click here.
By plane :
The Tours Val de Loire airport offers regular flights departing from Marseille, Ajaccio, Figari, Londres, Manchester, Dublin and Porto to Tours. (car rental at the airport)

Where is Beauval?

The Zoological Park of Beauval is located on the territory of the city of Saint-Aignan, in the region of Loir-et-Cher (41).

3km away from the city-center of Saint-Aignan, so about 5 minutes driving.


Saint-Aignan is a city of Loir-et-Cher, located 40km south of Blois and Tours (60km west) and Vierzon (70km east), on the Cher Valley.


The closest Loire Valley Chateaux to Beauval and Saint-Aignan are: Chenonceau, Cheverny and Valençay (25km so about 25minutes driving)


-        2h30 from Paris

-        3h from Nantes, La Rochelle, Rennes and Clermont-Ferrand

-        4h30 from Lyon and 5H from Lille


How coming?

GPS coordinates of the  Tourism Office of Saint-Aignan

Lat 47.2689592 – Long: 1.3735673


With the highway:

A10 “L'Aquitaine” - Way out n° 17 – Paris-Bordeaux, through Orléans, Tours and Poitiers with a way out in Blois.

A85: Way out n°12 – Tours-Vierzon, junction between Atlantic and east of France.


With the road:

D976 – Axis Tours-Vierzon-Bourges

D675 – Blois-Châtillon sur Indre


By train:

Train Blois-Paris (Austerlitz station) : 1h30 ( commute with TLC coaches Line 5 until Saint-Aignan)

TGV Atlantique Saint-Pierre des Corps – Paris (Montparnasse Station): 50 min (commute with TER to the railway station of Saint-Aignan – Noyers) 50minutes


By coach:

Transports du Loir-et-Cher (TLC) line 5 : Blois – Saint-Aignan


By cab:

Access all the shopkeepers and craftmen and obtain the datas of the taxis in Val de Cher Saint-Aignan, click here.


By plane:


The Tours Val de Loire airport has regular flights from Marseille, Ajaccio, Figari, London, Manchester, Dublin and Porto to Tours.  (Car renting on site)

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